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From Alexander Kogan <>
Subject Re: Newbie - Sessions without cookies?
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 21:55:50 GMT

I know nothing about "sessions/carts" example. What's that?

But, you're right - if you turn off cookies it "must" work.

from servlet API 2.2 javadoc:

  For robust session tracking, all URLs emitted by a servlet
should be 
  run through this method [encodeURL]. Otherwise, URL
rewriting cannot 
  be used with browsers which do not support cookies.


Jeff Rhines wrote:
> Alexander,
> Thanks for the information.  That seems to be exactly what i need.  However,
> i believe i have confirmed that it's busted.  Just to sanity check with the
> list however, if i turn cookies off when using the "sessions/carts" example,
> it should still work, is that correct?
> Jeff

Alexander Kogan    Parametric Technology Corporation      128 Technology Drive, Waltham MA 02453

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