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From Rick Horowitz <>
Subject Re: Can't build tomcat3.1 sample with ANT
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 17:58:15 GMT
Still can't get compile to work with ANT.  Here's what I did:

1) Downloaded tomcat522 nightly build and installed into d:, making
d:\tomcat the top-level directory.
2) Tried running the sample build.bat file in
%TOMCAT_HOME%\doc\appdev\sample with the command:  build -verbose
prepare.  It failed with a class not found exception, 

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
        at I copied the two xml jar files from the latest Javasoft xml
release (jaxp.jar and parser.jar) to %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib.
3) This fixed the above problem (class not found), but failed with the
following exception:

Executing Target: prepare
Created dir: D:\tomcat\webapps\myapp
Copying 3 files to D:\tomcat\webapps\myapp
Copy: D:\tomcat\doc\appdev\sample\web\hello.jsp >
Copy: D:\tomcat\doc\appdev\sample\web\index.html >
Copy: D:\tomcat\doc\appdev\sample\web\images\tomcat.gif >
Created dir: D:\tomcat\webapps\myapp\WEB-INF
Copy: D:\tomcat\doc\appdev\sample\etc\web.xml >
Created dir: D:\tomcat\webapps\myapp\WEB-INF\classes
Created dir: D:\tomcat\webapps\myapp\WEB-INF\lib
BUILD FATAL ERROR: srcdir does not exist! srcdir does not exist!

4) I created the directory d:\tomcat\doc\appdev\sample\lib, which is the
directory that it could not found, and that fixed this problem, and the
"prepare" target seems to work ok.
5) Then tried to run:  build -verbose compile.  Again, just like with
the tomcat 3.1 release, this command runs to completion, says it
compiled 1 file (which should be the
%TOMCAT_HOME%\appdev\sample\src\ file), but it doesn't appear
to have actually compiled anything.  Hello.class is not deposited into
the webapps\WEB_INFO\classes directory.

Any idea what's going on here?  Has anyone successfully compiled the
tomcat sample?  I'm running on NT 4.0 sp5, with jdk1.3.

Help! Thanks...

Rick Horowitz

Nacho wrote:
> Hi, Rick
> >
> > A couple of follow-up questions.
> >
> > 1) Which nightly build(s) do I need - tomcat, servlet api, and/or ant?
> only tomcat, i what you need, it's in dev status now but release is so
> near
> Saludos ,
> Ignacio J. Ortega
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