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From "Wang, gonghui" <>
Subject how to set the format of column without using sqltag?
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 15:21:35 GMT
I don't really like sqltag for writing query because it has to be in 1
(sometime very long) line.
so I am using the following: (with also allows me to reference a
connection from multiple xml)
  <query connection="something" doc-element="somelist" row-element="some
    id-attribute="" tag-case="lower" >
    <column type="date" format="MM/dd/yyyy" />
   select source,last_update from a table
   order by last_update desc

however, there is no example for how to set the format for a column. I
try to read the code but failed, it seems like it is look it is looking
for an child element
<column name="last_updated" type="date" format="MM/dd/yyyy" />

but when I put it as above, it has no effect? so what is the
query_element is refer to?

by the way, whether this format can be set as a global (i.e, in the
connection xml file) so that all the data
fetched from a connection (or a database ) will have consistent format,
whithout duplicate the definition in every xml file?


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