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From Sean McCauliff <>
Subject Re: Problems starting tomcat
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 08:10:17 GMT
"Erwin Raets @ Realsoftware" wrote:
> I still have the persisting problem that I cannot start Tomcat on my
> win98, I have set the JAVA_HOME and TOMCAT_HOME in my autoexec.bat,
> together with path=%path%;d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat\bin.
	Is it really necessary for you to use Windows 98??  This is a really
bad OS for  Web servers.
	That being said... There is some magic which can increase the amount of
environment space dedicated to COMMAND.COM.  I don't remember what this
is or even if it will work with Win9x  it did work with DOS.  You might
try some old DOS manual, MS web site, etc. Or 
d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat\bin directly add it to the line which contains
your PATH like
set PATH=c:\blah;d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat\bin
set PATH=c:\blah
set PATH=%PATH%;d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat\bin

> My tomcat is in d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat and my jdk1.2 is in d:\jdk.
> When I do a tomcat startup it gives me 5 times out of environment
> space, starting tomcat in a new window and Using
> classpth:"d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat"\classes
	Try putting the CLASSPATH in the autoexec.bat and just run tomcat with
the command line:

java -Dtomcat.home=d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat

	Finally, I wouldn't be surprised if Win98 does not correctly handle
"long file names" in .bat files.  You might need to change things like
d:\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat to the 8.3 version.
	Note that I have not actually tried any of this on Win98 it just what I
would try if I was in your position.

Good luck.


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