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From Steve Ruby <>
Subject Re: Tomcat with Apache
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 23:38:07 GMT
> "John W. Yoost" wrote:
> I have managed to get Jakarta Tomcat working on a power mac running
> Yellow Dog Linux.
> My question is :
> I have put all the "stuff" in the httpd.conf file to tell Apache to
> use Tomcat for .jsp files.
> Am I missing something, or is it only suppose to work on port 8080 to
> recognize .jsp's?
> It works fine when I use port 8080.
> Is it supose to redirect a .jsp request on port 80 to Tomcat?
> Is there a way to get it to handle a .jsp request on port 80 (if it
> was only intended to work on 8080) ?
> -John

Under the default install configuration you are hitting the httpd part
of tomcat (standalone) when going to 8080 not apache at all.

To get apache to use tomcat when it needs it you should Include
the tomcat-apache.conf file or tomcat.conf file or a copy of one of
(depending on exactly what behaviour you want) into your httpd.conf
file.  You should not have to edit your httpd.conf file at all 
other than to include one of these files. These files are a pre-build
conf additions needed to run tomcat through apache.

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