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From Juan Alvarez Ferrando <>
Subject Re: Problem with Jakarta-Tomcat 3.1
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 06:51:29 GMT
Tommi Kyllönen wrote:
> Hi!
> My system is:
> Corel Linux 1.0, Apache version is 1.3.9 (compiled with module support).
> Linux and apache working very fine. I can connect my linux box with
> netscape (http://localhost and also with IP-address and with computer
> name). I also install Interbase 6.0 ja Interclient (I update libc
> (version 6.2) and lsdo (version 1.9) libraries, because IB6 needed).
> They also working fine. JDK version is 1.2 (I can build java programs
> with my linux). I Using root user when i install all programs.
> My problem:
> I unzip tomcat packages and follow install instructions, but I can't
> start tomcat.
> I set TOMCAT_HOME in my tomcat directory.
> I set JAVA_HOME in my java 1.2 directory.
> I add also tool.jar in my CLASSPATH
> When I try to start tomcat I get error: Using classpath: {my whole
> classpath} No such file or directory
> Can You send me whole installation instruction in Corel Linux
> Jakarta-Tomcat 3.1?
> Please, help me with my problem! (I try to solve this problem very long
> time and I'm very desperate)
> P.S Sorry my bad english!
> Best regards
> Tommi Kyllönen
> ePlanet Solutions Ltd
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Tomcat script tries to set TOMCAT_HOME automatically based
on the directory from where you are executing it, and if you are
doing it from /path/to/tomcat/bin it fails with the error you report.
Do it from /path/to/tomcat, or modify /path/to/tomcat/bin/ to
set TOMCAT_HOME explicitly.
You may also need to modify this file to include other environment
variables (f.e. if using Oracle), java options...

Juan Alvarez Ferrando
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