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From Steven Ensslen <senss...@gds.CA>
Subject Tomcat and <SELECT MULTIPLE>
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 02:40:39 GMT
Hi All,

    I've just joined this list, and I'm a bit of a Newbie to Tomcat,
Java, and Open Source so I hope that I'm in the right place and I that I
won't offend anyone.  I appologise in advance for the transgressions
that I'm sure to perform.

  In any case, I think that I have an, umm..., defect in Tomcat to

    I've attached two files, the first of which is a form which calls
the other, which just displays the parameters picked in the form. When I
run this form with a competitors product (JRun) it returns a comma
separated list of all of the elements that were selected in the <SELECT
MULTIPLE> form field.  When I run it with Tomcat, only the first field
is returned by a call to request.getParameter().

    Please try these two files out for yourselves to confirm my issue.
Open MultitestForm.jsp and it will do the rest.

    I sincerely hope that this a configuration issue, since that would
make my life much easier.  If it is not, I would greatly appreciate an
official or semi-official bug status for this issue so that I could
report that to my superiors.

    I hope that I've provided all of the information that I should
have.  If not please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you all very much for you time, and thank you for Tomcat.

    Steven Ensslen
    GDS & Associates Systems Ltd.,

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