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From "Alankar Chowdhury" <>
Subject null pointer exception
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 07:30:09 GMT
Hey all ...

I am using windows 2000 and tomcat 3.1
I unzipped the zip file in c:tomcat
so this means that My TOMCAT_HOME = c:\tomcat
and my jdk 1.2.2 is at c:\jdk1.2.2

both the enviornment variables are already assigned and I have check it
that they are set by using the "set " commond on dos prompt

Now when I run tomcat ... It set the path properly and everything .. if
u want I will post the start up log also ...
but when I access http://localhost:8080 it doens't give me any output
and the error displayed is page cannot be found

When I try accessing a servlet like this
It gives in a nullPointerException

If some has similar sort of problem and has able to solve it
please write back to me .. I have been try to get tomcat working for
quite some time now ...
thanks in  advance


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