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From gtallen <>
Subject Re: REPOST: Multi-Threaded JSP??
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 01:43:32 GMT
You might take a look at JSP tag libraries which allow you to
write custom tags (, pretty cool!

> Luis Andrei Cobo wrote:
> Does anyone know any examples of the feasibility of using Threads on
> JSP pages or in Servlets? Im trying to do something with these pages
> Im building which require a large amount of processing that would be
> very efficient of broken down into Threads on a variety of levels. Has
> anyone used java.lang.Thread in thier JSP? gotten it to work?
> If so, examples would be helpful. Im assuming for now that its not a
> high demand topic since it probably involves hand coding some of the
> _JSPservice directly, perhaps in order to implement the runnable
> interface or something.
> Also, by extension, if it IS possible, can RMI and Applet Servlet
> communication be managed with a Thread?
> Documentation anywhere on this?
> Luis Andrei Cobo
> Web Developer
> Sorry about the post yesterday...i was writing a draft and
> accidentally sent it.

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