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From M Butcher <>
Subject Re: XML PARSER USING Tomcat 3.1 and Apache 3.1.9
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 18:46:45 GMT
Installing Xerces and Xalan isn't a big deal... uncompress the file, and put it
in your classpath. I'm running Java 1.2.2 (Linux-Mandrake), and just put the
jars in the java extensions directory (I use Xerces for almost everything I do
these days, so putting it in the ext/ directory alleviated the hassle of
putting it in the classpath of every app).

Seems to me that someone complained of having trouble getting Xerces to work
with servlets... they posted one message, but I don't remember that they ever
replied to the answer I sent. I have had no problems developing servlets with
Xerces, nor with Xalan.

Xerces is a little convoluted to learn... (I'd recommend starting with
org.apache.xerces.parsers and org.apache.xml.serialize), but there is really no
trick to get it to play nicely with the rest of the Java world.

Adam Bell wrote:

> Could anyone point me in the direction of any useful documentation relating
> to installing and using Xerces and Xalan.  Or any obstacles that any of you
> came across whilst using or installing the parser?
> I would be most grateful for any response.
> Thank you
> Adam Bell
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M Butcher

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