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From gtallen <>
Subject Re: Want to know whether Tomcat is Production Stable
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 00:39:27 GMT
I guess it might depend on what you are doing but I have run
Tomcat pretty hard (NT and Solaris 7) and had no stability
problems.  The thread pooling seems to help too.


Don Vaillancourt wrote:
> > >We'd like to develop our mission-critical web apps using JSP technology
> > >
> > >I wonder if tomcat is stable enough to be used in real-world applications.
> > >
> > >I'd be glad to hear a sucess story on this subject........
> > >
> > >Adnan Veysel ERTEMEL
> >
> >         I would like to know the same, especially with respect to Solaris /
> > SunOS 5.6. Some users reported problems using Tomcat 3.x on Solaris. Are there
> > bugs in Tomcat 3.x for Solaris or SunOS?
> Here we are using Tomcat 3.1 and I find the product to be extremely
> unstable/inconsistent.  I don't know how it ever got to version 3.1.  Personally I
> don't think that it should have reached version 1.0.
> After installing it to replace Tomcat 3.0, it ran fine for two full days then it
> started crashing after one day, then every couple of hours.  The it would run okay
> again for a few days.  It wourld crash, I'd restart it and go through the whole
> process again.  It's been running fine for the last week-and-a-half so far with
> no crashes.  What gets me the most is that when it crashes no exceptions are
> thrown, it's as if it is exiting normally.  So we are moving everything over to
> JRun.
> Don
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