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From Bruno Salgueiro>
Subject [Resend] Using a Java Bean inside a declaration
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 17:06:31 GMT
Hi everyone,

 In the JSP 1.1 spec it says that if you implement the jspDestory()
method it should be called when the page is destroyed, if I'm not
mistaken (it is one of the API contracts). Can I use a declaration
to override it and close connections cleanly?
  I tried the following (which BTW may be very stupid but here it

  <jsp:useBean id="bdcon" class="bd.BDBean" scope="session">
  <%! public void jspDestroy() {

  Jasper complains loudly when it tries to compile the page
because he does not know what the object bdcon is.

  Can someone help me with this scope error?


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