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From "Alankar Chowdhury" <>
Subject installation problems
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 10:43:18 GMT
Hey all this is my first message ...

I am trying to install tomcat for a very long time but I am still
unsucessful.. may be I am doing something wrong which I am not realising
... can some one help

Ok this is what I am doing ..

I downloaded the tomcat 3.1 version ...
I have unzipped it in c:\ tomcat
then I click on the tomcat batch file to run tomcat it runs also
but when I type http://localhost the message come that this page cannot
be found
and when I try to access any of my servlets using
http://localhost/examples/SnoopServlet.... it gives me a nullpointer
Exception ...
Please help me out and tell me what is wrong

thanks in advance

- Alankar

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