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From Juan Alvarez Ferrando <>
Subject Re: quick q to all those using tomcat with linux:
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 06:33:29 GMT
> Luis Andrei Cobo wrote:
> I have JSP pages that work, and I wrote a servlet to add some
> backgrounding to the actual functions of the page. The servlet seems
> to be coughing up blood with tons of nullpointer exceptions. All well
> and good, but sseeing as how Im sort of new to JAVA on a whole, I once
> saw that if you put System.err.println in your code, or
> System.out.println in your code, is should show up someplace fairly
> visibile to be able to trace the code as it runs....
> where can I find this? I have numerous occurances of this in my code,
> for good reason I need to check the returns of values as they come
> through to catch where the error is happening....not a new skill for
> all you guys and gals im sure.
> im currently running linuxppc with jdsk 2.1 and jdk 1.2.2 ( native
> threads even!) and tomcat seems to be having a good time of it....
> I just need to get this java console thing happening. Cant seem to be
> able to figure out where tomcat/jserv is throwing this info, or if its
> being swallowed up by the great void of SWAP
> Luis Andrei Cobo
> Web Developer

The messages should go to the terminal window where you started Tomcat
from; so using cd $TOMCAT_HOME; ./ > log 2>&1 should leave log
file including Tomcat's startup messages and anything your code prints
to standard and error output.

Juan Alvarez Ferrando

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