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From "kc.baltz" <>
Subject RE: servlet invoking
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 18:54:57 GMT
> Alright,
> I am ready for guess number 3 K.C.  BTW, the Context is /MinuteMakers
> -- Hugh

OK, let's start with some assumptions.  
1) You do have the Context for MinuteMakers set up in the server.xml file in
your $TOMCAT_HOME/conf directory, right?  And it looks something like the

<Context path="/MinuteMakers" docBase="webapps/MinuteMakers" debug="0"
reloadable="true" >        </Context>

The docbase should point to the actual file system location of the directory
that contains your WEB-INF directory for your MinuteMakers web app.  

2) You have the web.xml we have been discussing in WEB-INF/web.xml.

3) You have ValidateSignupLogin.class in
WEB-INF/classes/com/intelis/webfe/servlets/signup .  If you have your that
class in a .jar file, the jar file should be in WEB-INF/lib, should contain
a path starting with com to the class, and you should be running the release
version of Tomcat 3.1 (there was a bug with the /lib directory in older

4) Your web.xml file looks like the following:



BTW, I have recently discovered that all <servlet> tags should before any
<servlet-mapping> tag. Don't intermix them.

5) Your form has action="/MinuteMakers/ValidateSignupLogin" .  

6) You're testing this by going straight to Tomcat at port 8080, not through
Apache.  Going through Apache _should_ work, but it introduces more places
for configuration error.  You can test the Context set up by hitting
http://yourhost/MinuteMakers/  directly. If you haven't set up a default
index.html, you should get a directory listing of the docbase of your

7) You're checking the stdout of your Tomcat process for any helpful stack

That's all my guesses.  Hope that gets it.


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