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From David.B.Mar...@Dartmouth.EDU (David B. Martin)
Subject Command-line Params
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 13:17:17 GMT

My team has written some scripts to set up CVS and a JServ
to allow each of our developer's to run their own JServ on a
particular port, and have it serve whatever their current
CVS view is set to.  

JServ let me specify the base dir and the working dir on the
command line, so it was easy to grab the correct directory
name and start JServ on it.  With Tomcat, it looks like I'm
going to have to muss with spitting this all into an XML
file each time I want to start the server on a new view...

I took a look at the source to confirm there are no
command-line params for this... Why did this functionality
get dropped?  Given that this is might be (gulp) a
relatively trivial fix, would anyone have any objections if
I tried to add this to Tomcat?


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