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From Ken Rimple <>
Subject Hello and Question...
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 14:51:33 GMT

I'm a jakarta-tomcat end user (developer).  My application uses JDK 1.2.2 (Blackdown) on Red
Hat Linux.

The problem:  

I use an invisible frame to render JPEG images, then write text on them, and use the freeware
JPEG encoder to 
blast the image back to a browser window.  It is working very well under Windows NT.  However,
on the Linux 
target machine I'm using, as long as I'm on the console logging in from a X terminal mode,
it can get to the display.
But when I try to restart jakarta remotely, since I'm not on the machine, xauth won't allow
me to use the local X
server for the X11 graphic routines.  ?  If I telnet to the remote box, open an X terminal
window on my Windows NT
box (with X emulator software), then start up the tomcat server, it will find X.  But I assume
what it is doing is using
the X11 routines remotely to my machine (across the internet and DSL lines) for all graphic
calls.  When I close the
X session, even though I nohup'ed the program, jakarta dies.  

Has anyone had any experience with using X and awt to generate graphics for servlets?  I hope
this is not too off-topic.

Things I've tried:

xauth (didn't work, because MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE was wrong due to my being on another machine)
xhost (with xauth on, didn't care)
rc.d (but even if it starts, remote reboot doesn't work)

Is there some sort of flag on the JVM that makes it use graphics routines other than X11?
 I'm a bit lost here.

Thanks for any help

Ken Rimple


"Because a day without sunshine would be like...  Night"
                                      -- Steve Martin

Ken Rimple
Newtown Square, PA

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