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From Cristian Bogdan <>
Subject Re: question about contexts
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 16:28:03 GMT

--- Luis Andrei Cobo <> wrote:
> does the document root for context HAVE to be in
> webapps? 

this might not be helpful for you (serving html and
jsp by apache and tomcat respectively) but I have
noticed the following:

<Context path="/somepath"
docBase="somedir/public_html" debug="0"
reloadable="true" > 

works with no problems, even if "somepath" is "" (i.e.
the root)


<Context path="/somepath"
docBase="../somedir/public_html" debug="0"
reloadable="true" > 

(i.e. if the files are not under TOMCAT_HOME) the html
files are "404 not found" for tomcat. JSPs in
somepath/ work with no problems though.

furthermore, if "somepath/" is "", tomcat can't serve
any html whatsoever.

I think the above are bugs (I'm on win95, jdk 1.1.8).

btw, should bugs be sent to tomcat-dev or to



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