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From Cristian Bogdan <>
Subject catching exceptions raised in the included servlet
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 11:14:53 GMT

I have sent this to sun (servlet-api-feedback and
servlet-interest). since I use Tomcat as servlet
container I think it should come here as well:

according to the 2.2 spec, section 8.5

> Only runtime exceptions and checked exceptions of
> type ServletException or
> IOException should be propagated to the calling
> servlet if thrown by the target of a request
> dispatcher.

Does that mean that if I call include(), I should be
able to catch runtime exceptions raised by the called

should this try block catch the runtime exception
deliberately raised by the "error" servlet?

       include(request, response);
} catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace (); }

This doesn't seem to happen in Tomcat 3.1 (instead,
I see error 500 in included servlet). Should I expect
the catch to happen in the standard?



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