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From Christoph Kukulies <>
Subject class doesn't get reloaded
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 07:56:32 GMT

I had a stubborn case of a class not getting reloaded although
another class that got invoked from hat class always got reloaded.

The class in question is the 'entry' class of an application based
on a frameset.

The entry URL is:

Note that I had to delete the interfering /test mapping from Tomcat
before my old environment started working again.

index.html contains:

<TITLE>My Test Suite</TITLE>
<FRAMESET border=2 frameborder=0 framespacing=0 rows="150,*">
<FRAME src="" name="testsuite">
<FRAMESET border=2 frameborder=1 framespacing=0 cols="350,*,*,*">
<FRAME src="nothing.html" name="logwindow">
<FRAME src="nothing.html" name="expectwindow">
<FRAMESET rows="50%,*">
<FRAME src="nothing.html" name="rexkwindow">
<FRAME src="nothing.html" name="pexkwindow">
<FRAMESET rows="50%,*">
<FRAME src="nothing.html" name="rexlwindow">
<FRAME src="nothing.html" name="pexlwindow">

There was no way to make Tomcat RELOAD!!! the Hello class in
the above html file, other than restarting tomcat+apache.

Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies

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