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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Fwd: problem w/ http://~user/file.xml
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 21:04:19 GMT
Looks like Cocoon doesn't recognise the ~ symbol. But isn't ~ deprecated in 
URIs anyway? Seem to remember hearing that somewhere.

Matthew R Wette <> wrote:
>I am using tomcat 3.1 w/ apache 1.3.12 on a solaris box.
>I have also plugged in Cocoon 1.7.2.
>My httpd.conf file has:
>   AddHandler jserv-servlet jsp
>   AddHandler jserv-servlet xml
>I have only the default (?) context set up in my server.xml file:
>   <Context path="" docBase="/proj/rtcat/www" debug="0" reloadable="true" >
>   </Context>
>It seems to handle .jsp and .xml files under /proj/rtcat/www
>(my document root) OK, but if I use the url http://server/~mwette/test.xml
>I get the following error message:
> /proj/rtcat/www/~mwette/test.xml
>     (No such file or directory) ...
>If I request the url http://server/~mwette/index.html I get my
>index page (in the UserDir subdirectory under my home directory) fine.
>Anybody know where the problem is here?

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