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From Petr Jiricka <>
Subject RE: ERROR including jsp-files
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 08:58:09 GMT
I don't really understand how this could happen. What exactly you are doing:
are you using include directive or include action ?
It is true that for include directive, the compiler checks whether the pages
are included recursively to avoid infinite loop in the compiler. However, in
this case you can't include pages conditionally, they're included no matter
For include action, you can include pages conditionally, but in this case
the compiler does not (or should not) check whether the JSPs are included
It would be helpful if you provided some code examples of what you are
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From: Daniel []
Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 6:35 AM
Subject: ERROR including jsp-files

I want to try including more than one jsp-file depending on some facts (if -
Howerver, the final-jsp file contains all jsp-files which are referred by
"master"-jsp file.
So it happens, that tomcat or jasper is stopping compiling because it means,
that the including is maybe recursive.
Does anybody know an answer to that problem

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