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From "Gladwell, Ricardo" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 15:28:17 GMT
Matthew R Wette writes ...

> Maybe yours.  Mine works.  You might want to check your properties
> file to see that everything is correct.  Set "log.level = debug"
> in the properties file, make sure all the support jar files are in
> classpath, make sure working directories have correct permisssions,
> etc.  I have DocBook XML/XSL examples from working.

It is no good setting the log.level when the problem lies with the fact that
<<>> is not being read in the first place. Examining the
source leads me to believe that a NullPointerException is thrown when
org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon.init() attempts to reference its Configuration
object (similar to a Properties class). This object is null and is never
successfully loaded from the properties file. I have double-checked the
configuration and the file has the correct permissions and is correctly
pointed to by the <<web.xml>> file. All the requisite .jar files are in the
classpath. I am really stuck.

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