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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject myapp question
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 17:14:05 GMT

I have been having a problem setting up the myapp webapp that comes in the
sample folder in the docs.

Now, I did end up being able to run it, but not until I changed the class
from Hello.class to some other name, such as HelloWorld.class

as soon as I did this, it ran just fine.

I had been thinking it was the web.xml file, but no matter what I did, it
would give me this error when I ran the Hello.class

Error: 404
Location: /myapp/hello
File Not Found

Does Tomcat just not like the name Hello.class for a classname??? Unlikely!
My theory is that I had things improperly set up at first and ran the
Hello.class servlet and it got a 404 error and cached that output for the
Hello.class.  Is there a place in Tomcat where it caches the output of a
class?  Is there a way to flush it?

I have had no problem getting a servlet by any other name running



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