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From Jim Rudnicki <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat at Win 98?
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 06:03:55 GMT

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From: "Wei Lu" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 5:26 AM
Subject: Running Tomcat at Win 98?

> I got an error message saying " Out of environmental space".
> Then, I tried to adjust virtual memory. No use.
> Can anybody give me some hints?

Tomcat is fine on Win98.  If you want to avoid the MS JVM, then use Sun's or
Ibm's (both free)

To fix the environment space, Create a shortcut to each of the startup and
shutdown batch files.  Right click on the shortcuts to bring up the context
menu and select Properties.  This brings up a tabbed dialog that allows to
adjust how the batch file runs.  One of these tabs is Memory, that contains
an Initial Environment spot.  Select 1024 or more.  This number is bytes
(not k, not m) so feel free to bump it up higher if you need.  This fixes
the memory problem.

Next you need to make two small edits to the tomcat.bat.  If you search
through it, you will find the line where it actually starts tomcat.  It
looks like
start java %TOMCAT_OPTS% -Dtomcat.home ......

Remove the "start".  Under NT this works, but under 98 it starts a new shell
that does not inherit the environment you just defined.

Other than the standard classpath hassle, that is all.

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