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From "Adam Gotheridge" <>
Subject Re: installing and using Tomcat
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 12:07:24 GMT
This had me really confused for a while. Jserv is a servlet engine for which you
setup servlet zones and run them with apache (you knew that). Tomcat is another
animal for java web based apps (jsp's and servlets), and uses a modified version
of the jserv engine to serv servlets, and I am guessing compiled jsp's as well.

You need to install tomcat (an not just the modified jserv dll). Tomcat will run
independent of apache, and there are config files generated for which you can use
to help serve tomcat from apache (tomcat-apache.conf in the conf dir of tomcat).
Tomcat by default runs on port 8080.

You know how you set your classpath or path in windows (either using a batch file
form win9x or system properties in nt/2000)? It is the same for the JAVA_HOME and
TOMCAT_HOME variables.

Hope this helps !


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From: Erwin Raets @ Realsoftware
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 4:18 AM
Subject: installing and using Tomcat

Hy everybody,
I am just beginning to work with servlets and JSP. We have to set up a project,
in which we would like to run JSP and servlets on an Apache 1.3.12 and windows
I have successfully installed JServ, so the servlets work, but to run JSP I
understand I have to use Tomcat or am I wrong?
Problem is, I cannot get Tomcat to run and I really don't understand what the
Jakarta people are saying in their documentation about the JAVA_HOME and
TOMCAT_HOME variables.
I would need somebody who can explain me in real world terms how I have to set
things up so that I can run servlets and JSP on an Apache server on a windows
platform, or if it would be wiser to have another setup to run JSP and servlets.
Thank you in advance,
Erwin Raets.

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