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From "Costantino Imbrauglio" <>
Subject Migration from JServ to Tomcat 3.1......
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 10:34:19 GMT

I recently decided to migrate from a plain vanilla Apache/JServ installation to a Apache/JServ/Tomcat
3.1 installation.

Installing Tomcat as a standalone listener was straight forward.

Problems started when I decided to configure Tomcat to work with Apache/JServ. My previous
configuration files (jserv.conf, and zone files) seem completely different
from the new ones (tomcat.conf, server.xml, web.xml, etc.) both sintactically and conceptually.

Apparently I need to completely rewrite all my configuration files (you can imagine consequences...).

All documentation I could find in order to accomplish such task is the so called "minimalistic
user guide". Such a user guide is fine for those who are starting a brand new web service,
but I found it useless for porting huge installations (like the ones I am administering).

It all seems so painful that I'm wondering whether I missed the point! Am I the only one facing
such problems? Has anybody else performed a large application porting from JServ to Tomcat?
Where can I find real and complete documentation?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Costantino Imbrauglio

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