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From "Luis Andrei Cobo" <>
Subject Still no luck
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 00:19:51 GMT
although someone offered a suggestion to my problem of having
System.err.println show up on my screen, there is no mechanism right now
thats accomplishing this, and the suggestion $TOMCAT_HOME; ./ >
log 2>&1 did not work....ran the command and nothing happened at all, just
got another prompt...


running tomcat on linuxppc, I set up a package of servlets as background
applications for my JSP the servlets are System.err.println and
System.out.println calls at various points for debugging. The servlet runs,
having one of its methods called from a JSP page. I have no idea where ANY
of the system.out, or System.err messages are going. they certainly arent
going into alog file because I was looking around for one and well it doesnt
exist on my machine.

is there something I can do to ensure A: that All system.err. and System.out
messages are logged to a file, or B printed to my console somehow? I need
these messages to be there....

Please help

Luis Andrei Cobo

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