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From "Adam Gotheridge" <>
Subject Re: Problem running servlets
Date Sat, 27 May 2000 11:53:12 GMT
My guess is you need to recompile In the user guide provided with
the tomcat distribution is an example of how to do this. I have a problem with
this as well, and I think it turned out to be that the download version of the
.so file was built in a way which wasn't compatible with my apache distribution
(3.12 / rh6.2 rpm). You just need to recompile the file per user guide directions
and copy it to wherever you apache modules are kept.

The other thing to watch out for is see if you have any processes running with
the name "java". If there is, kill it first.


>     I am a new user of Tomcat. I have followed the installation directions for
> Apache, but still seem to have a problem. When trying to run a servlet, I get
> the error message in mod_jserv.log:
> [26/05/2000 16:37:36:071] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: can not connect to host
> [26/05/2000 16:37:36:072] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: connection fail
> [26/05/2000 16:37:36:072] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via
protocol "ajpv12"
> This is the host and port I have configured in srm.conf. I have put in libexec and
> added the LoadModule/AddModule lines. I tried to telnet to 8007 but nothing
answered. Have I
> forgotten something?

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