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From "Ishmael Riles" <>
Subject Please Help. bug with getParameter() and getQueryString()
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 21:58:14 GMT

I am new to Tomcat so I may be making a newbie mistake. I have written a
bunch of servlets that work great but when I make calls to
HttpServletRequest.getParameter() from with in the doGet method of a basic
Hello World type servlet I get a null object. I have also tried
HttpServletRequest.getParmaterNames() wich returns an empty Enumeration.
getQueryString() returns an empty string but getRequestURI() returns the
whole http request including the parameters.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this bug? Could I have made
an error configuring tomcat. I am using apache on Linux (mandrake distro)
and I don't see the bug when I go through the built in web server.

Here's the version info:
Apache version 1.3.9
jdk 1.2.2
tomcat 3.1

I'd be happy to send conf files if they will help.

Thanks in advance,


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