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From "Ben Jackson" <>
Subject Servlet Reloading
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 19:40:09 GMT
I'm new to the mailing list, so I'm sorry if this question is redundant.

I installed Tomcat 3.1 with Apache 1.3.12 on Redhat 6.2 last week.
Everything seemed like it was fine until yesterday when I started running
into problems with servlet reloding.  I saw that this feature was new in
this version and described as "experimental", but I'm curious if anyone else
has had a similar problem.

Here are the symptoms:
If I put only one servlet in my myapp/WEB-INF/classes I can recompile it as
often as I want and the changes are visible in my browser.  As soon as I add
a second servlet to the directory, it becomes sporadic and unpredictable.
In some cases, it will detect changes to one servlet but not the other, no
matter what I do.  In other cases, it seems like there is one servlet whose
timestamp controls whether the whole directory is reloaded.  At first I
hadn't set the "reloadable" parameter for the context to "true" in the
server.xml file.  When I discovered that I was sure it would fix things, but
I am still having the problem.

Is there something I am missing or is this a bug in Tomcat?

Ben Jackson

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