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From "Ryan Vanderwerf" <>
Subject RE: IE redirect problem, Apache->Tomcat
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 05:57:15 GMT
This is a follow up about the problem with redirects using Internet Explorer
with Apache 1.3.x (using mod_jserv) not working and resulting in corrupted
data being returned. This data usually looks like the page that sent the
redirect, with the redirected page below it (headers and all).

I've done more testing- grabbed latest tomcat from cvs, no go. I upgraded to
1.3.12 of apache, same problem. Also I grabbed jserv source, built my own
custom, still same problem. So I don't think the problem is in (unless it's been there a long time). I'm guessing the problem
is actually in tomcat, around where it talks to the mod_jserv driver.  Using
the built-in tomcat web server still works like a champ.

I've also tried out.flush() after the redirect command, doesn't seem to help
(seems to make it fail consistantly). Putting a return after a
response.sendRedirect just stops it from executing (Headers like cookies,
etc don't even happen).

This seems like a serious problem, but only 4 people have posted having the
same problem.
If there is any more information I can give to help track this down, please
drop me a note.

Ryan Vanderwerf
CTO, Howl Media, Inc. / ClubCastLive
720 Brazos St. Suite 800
Austin, TX 78701
512-476-5700 voice
512-476-5708 fax

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