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From "George McKInney" <>
Subject RE: JDBC & Tomcat / JAR's
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 14:51:09 GMT
RE: the .zip files: Has anyone simply tried renaming to foo.jar? or
perhaps to to make them easier to keep track of?

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From: Andrew Cathrow []
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2000 11:03 PM
Subject: RE: JDBC & Tomcat / JAR's

with the final release of 3.1 I've had no problems with Tomcat recognising
JAR files in the ./lib directory - without any need to expand them or
explicitly name them. I have had some problems with ZIP files though.

I think that you are using the wrong lib directory.
The /opt/tomcat/lib directory is tomcat's own library directory. The one for
servlet specific jar's is located inside the webapp -
ie. ./WEB-INF/lib jar's placed in this directory are automatically added to
the classpath.
But strangely not zip files ....

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From: Giles Chanot ( []
Sent: 01 May 2000 23:59
Subject: RE: JDBC & Tomcat


just to clarify slighty, I think if the JDBC (or any other) classes that you
want to include are in a JAR file, then you need to explicity specify the
JAR file in the CLASSPATH environment variable that Tomcat sees, i.e.

export CLASSPATH = ${CLASSPATH}:/usr/local/mysql/jdbc/drivers.jar (or

But if the class files are not in a JAR file (or you choose to unpack them
from the JAR file) then placing them in /opt/tomcat/lib will automatically
make them included, as /opt/tomcat/lib is already in CLASSPATH, but you must
preserve the directory structure as in the JAR file, so for example the
class would be in


Hope this helps,

Marcos Martinez writes:
 > i think that you have not understand my question, i talked about, the
 > place (path directory) where i need to put the *.jar files of the
 > third-party JDBC drivers, like mSQL, MYSQL, etc....
You can put them them where you want, as long as you include them in the

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