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From "John W. Yoost" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat with Apache
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 23:47:21 GMT
I included the tomcat-apache.conf file in httpd.conf.

I compiled with apxs per the instructions.

I created a sybolic link from libexec to /usr/lib/apache (so the
tomcat-apache.conf LoadModule could find it.

Still does not work.

Any ideas of what to try ?

I get no error messages when I start jakarta-tomcat or apache in there
respective log files.

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From: Steve Ruby <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, May 12, 2000 6:34 PM
Subject: Re: Tomcat with Apache

>> "John W. Yoost" wrote:
>> I have managed to get Jakarta Tomcat working on a power mac running
>> Yellow Dog Linux.
>> My question is :
>> I have put all the "stuff" in the httpd.conf file to tell Apache to
>> use Tomcat for .jsp files.
>> Am I missing something, or is it only suppose to work on port 8080 to
>> recognize .jsp's?
>> It works fine when I use port 8080.
>> Is it supose to redirect a .jsp request on port 80 to Tomcat?
>> Is there a way to get it to handle a .jsp request on port 80 (if it
>> was only intended to work on 8080) ?
>> -John
>Under the default install configuration you are hitting the httpd part
>of tomcat (standalone) when going to 8080 not apache at all.
>To get apache to use tomcat when it needs it you should Include
>the tomcat-apache.conf file or tomcat.conf file or a copy of one of
>(depending on exactly what behaviour you want) into your httpd.conf
>file.  You should not have to edit your httpd.conf file at all
>other than to include one of these files. These files are a pre-build
>conf additions needed to run tomcat through apache.
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