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From "Rob S." <>
Subject First time Tomcat comments
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 17:41:00 GMT
Yesterday, a friend and I set out to get Tomcat, Apache, and Postgres

(1) Apache has already been running for months - check.
(2) Postgres download, compile, install, run - 20 mins - check.
(3) Tomcat...

We had HelloWorld.jsp running pretty quickly, but working out the mounts
took us a while - we could access HelloWorld.jsp from the root dir of any
virtual host we had =)  Anyways, some fiddling and reading got us past that.
All in all, the user guide + dev guide were pretty good, considering the
amount of things you have to do to get tomcat up and running with a user

In about 4 hours, w/out ever having seen either Postgres or Tomcat before
(or jServ), we've got jsps talking to the database.

Post mortem:

1. Dyanmic classloading from context/web-inf/lib & classes.  Only found this
in the FAQ until after we'd be fiddling with it for a while =)
2. Having nothing to do with Tomcat, other than the CNFEs, Postgres dev docs
say to use postgresql.Driver when it's really org.postgresql.Driver.

All in all, we're psyched to get working on our web app.  Great job Tomcat
team! =)

- r

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