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From Daniel Wood <>
Subject netscape [iPlanet] redirector questions -- more info
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 23:01:18 GMT
To follow up on my previous email, I have instrumented the nsapi_redirector
code and traced the failure point to line 373 in jk_nsapi_plugin.c at the call
to request_header.  For whatever reason, the code doesn't get past that
call.  Here is my instrumented code:

fprintf(stderr, "getting request header...\n");
    rc  = request_header("content-length", 

    if((rc != REQ_ABORTED) && tmp) {
        s->content_length = atoi(tmp);
fprintf(stderr,"content length %d\n", s->content_length);
else { fprintf(stderr, "Unable to request content length header!\n"); }

I get "getting request header..." printed out, but then neither "content length
N" or "Unable to request content length header!"

Any help/suggestions/incantations would be great!

thanks in advance-

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