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From "Kenny" <>
Subject Re: NT installation difficulties
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 02:22:28 GMT
I'm not an expert in this area, but this is how I got it to work on my Win98

1. Install Apache 1.3.12 --> make sure it works after installation by
pointing your browser to http://localhost .  You should be able to see
Apache's welcome page.  (Catch, I had to change httpd.conf so that apache
ServerName says Localhost).
2. Then I installed JDK 1.3 for windows (into C:\jdk1.3).
3. Unzip Tomcat 3.1 into it's directory.  I left mine in C:\jakarta-tomcat.
4. Added the following lines to my Autoexec.bat (in NT u will have to go to
control panel --> system --> blah, blah, I don't remember cause I don't have
access to a NT box)
    - PATH=%PATH%;C:\jdk1.3\bin;C:\jdk1.3\lib
    - JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.3
    - TOMCAT_HOME=C:\jakarta-tomcat

5. Now for Apache to send servlet requests to Tomcat, edit Apache's
httpd.conf and add the following line:
Include C:\jakarta-tomcat\conf\tomcat-apache.conf, also copy
ApacheModuleJServ.dll into Apache's modules directory - not sure if you r
running tomcat with IIS, or Apache or as a standalone web server.

6. Start tomcat by running startup.bat in Tomcat's bin directory, the start
Apache. (have to do it in this sequence because tomcat-apache.conf is
generated when tomcat starts, so u have to have it before you can include it
in apache's config file.  alternatively you can fix the file and change the
include in apache's httpd.conf)

Note: I have no CLASSPATH set as tomcat's startup.bat creates the classpath
environment variable when you run it.

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From: "Niambh Scullion (LMI)" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 7:51 PM
Subject: NT installation difficulties

> Hi there again ,
>                       I have been trying to install tomcat on an NT work
station , the problem I have is when I go into my tomcat directory and call
"bin\startup" my dos prompt shows the classpath that  tomcat wants to set up
and my classpath in my control settings as below and a dos window flashes on
the screen .
> C:\tomcat>bin\startup
> Starting tomcat in new window
> Using classpath:
> per.jar;C:\tomcat\lib\xml.jar;C:\tomcat\lib\servlet.jar;C:\Program
> sualCafe\Java\Bin;
> C:\Program Files\Esoe\Exceed.nt\;C:\Program Files\
> Esoe\Exceed.nt;C:\jws\lib;C:\Program Files\Esoe\VisualCafe\lib;// my
> my tomcat_home is set to c:\tomcat..................
> I have cleared out my classpath settings and played around with the
settings and my problem is always the same ......
> at this stage (3 days on ) suggestions are greatly appreciated,
> thank you v.v.v.v much in advance ....
>  Niambh
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