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Subject Re: Tomcat, multiple IP addresses, and virtual domains
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2000 23:05:11 GMT
I'd be suspect of this. Even if it's tomcat stand alone it's probably a 
really hacked up version of Tomcat (which is ok because that's why 
you got opensource).

I just don't think Tomcat is quite there yet to run stand-alone in 
production. Some might even suggest that we have a ways to go to 
use it as a servlet engine (e.g. stick with JServ for at least a little 
while longer).

There's a lot of things Tomcat doesn't yet support (for example I've 
been hacking on the Security interceptor issue all weekend & still 
without much headway). Or as you've mentioned virtual hosts or 
SSL or have much in the way of documentation (I mean 
opensource is not a stellar example of documentation but Tomcat 
has less than most). Because Tomcat must also support a lot of 
the J2EE reference implementation (at least that was the last word 
I heard at ApacheCon), so in the end it might not be the best 
embedded Web server. 

And if you're doing mostly file-IO stuff, Tomcat is probably not 
going to be the best option (Java IO still blows). Apache is probably 
a better fit.

Tomcat as a stand-alone makes since for certain embedded 
applications or for a case where you have a Java application that 
could benefit from its own Webserver.

I think Tomcat brings a lot to the table. But so does Apache and its 
myriad of modules.

Being a language bigot in the end is very short-sighted. I'm 
extremely fond of Perl, but I hack around with Java because it 
provides some things that Perl doesn't. 


On 9 Apr 00, at 14:10, david sims wrote:

> On Sun, 09 Apr 2000, david sims wrote:
> > On Sun, 09 Apr 2000, Jeff Neuenschwander wrote:
> > > Can you use tomcat as a standalone webserver for enterprise-level
> > > applications?  I didn't know the standalone webserver could handle that kind
> > > of load.  I thought you had to link apache with it...
> oh, I forgot to mention that appears to be running Tomcat as
> well. If you go to:
> netcraft will tell you that is running Tomcat/2.1. If it's true
> that they're running Java Tomcat without Apache, then I *know* that Tomcat would
> be fast enough for many, many enterprise applications.
> cheers,
> david
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