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From Greg Monroe <mon...@Acpub.Duke.Edu>
Subject isapi_redirect.dll download problems
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 21:14:37 GMT
I'm having problems trying to set up TomCat with PWS on NT Workstation 
4.0.  After chasing this problem for a day or so, I found that the 
isapi_redirect.dll was not downloading as a valid DLL.  When I do quick 
view, it does not show the normal DLL information.  

I've downloaded it from the 3.1 B1 directory and the CVS repository 
with both MS IE and NS 4.7, but it alway gets munged up.  I don't have 
the M$'s compiler to rebuild it.  (Enhancement request:  make it 
compilable under GCC!).  So, is there any place to get this is tar or 
zipped format? 

If anyone cares, the download problem is probably due to the site delivering *.dll files as text/plain instead of 
application/octet-stream.  It probably would work under Unix but fails 
when Win32 browsers try to change formats.  Perhaps *.dll file MIME 
types could be changed on the server?


Greg Monroe                            E-mail: Monroe@Duke.Edu
Computer Mediated                      Voice:  (919)660-7746 
   Learning Center (CMLC)              Fax:    (919)684-2818
Duke's Fuqua School of Business

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