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From Shachor Gal <>
Subject RE: The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 18:27:31 GMT

> >>
> >> 1) Scalability broblem with virtual hosting
> > Have the specific issues been identified and reported?
> It's mentioned in the User's Guide.

The scalability problem that is associated with the virtual hosts was
identified at about the same time when I started to write the user's
We found about it late because up until then nobody asked for virtual
hosts and our user oriented "alarm clock" was off :(.

By this time we were to late in the process to fully implement virtual
hosts in Ver3.1! Full virtual hosts implementation will require:
1. Per virtual host loggers.
2. Per virtual host interceptors.
3. Per virtual host webapps/work... directories.
4. Improved SimpleMapper.
5. Modified Server.xml (and it's parsing) with support for the above.
6. Web server plugin support.

After a few (private) discussions with some of the development team
(time/work assessments...) it was clear that if we want to have a tested
implementation we should postpone virtual hosts to the next *dot* release.

At a certain point in time I actually wanted to work on the virtual hosts 
problem but not enough users asked for this feature and for me it was
either writing a user's guide or implementing some improved virtual hosts
I chose the user's guide (was I wrong?).

> So the real problem for those of you working for free is to ask us what we
> think and then make believe you care, and the real problem for those of us
> taking advantage of you is to ask you politely for single-process virtual
> host support while at the same time telling you what a fine outstanding
> product you have, there, fella, and how much we really like you. ;-)

We *do* care and we may need to have some mechanism that let the users
vote for their favorite feature (anyone volunteer to organize tom-dollars
and a voting site?). Also, if you need something (and you do no see
in the plan file) letting us know about this *early* in the development
process is really going to help.

	Gal Shachor

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