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Subject RE: I need som help setting up Tomcat 3.1 Beta and Apache 1.3.12 ?
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 05:09:22 GMT

This I allready knew!
http://myserver/examples isn't working ?

In the Tomcat 3.1 Beta in same place where you find mod_jserv, there are
another dir with connectors ?
How do I compile and use thoose connectors ?
Are they really needed ?

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>I have a hard time finding info on how to get Apache 1.3.12
>and Tomcat 3.1
>Beta to run classes from my own specified dir.
>I can't find any documentation, all docs are for version 3.0
>or older and
>there seems to be some changes to 3.1 Beta.

Did Tomcat 3.1b and Apache 1.3.12 works well for supplied examples ?

You must have installed on Apache lib dir the mod_jserv from tomcat
Use apxs to recompile mod_jserv :

           cd src/native/apache/jserv
           apxs -c -o *.c

Then copy to apache lib (ie /usr/lib/apache)
Then add jserv to httpd.conf (I add it just before rewrite module)
In my examples (from my Redhat RPM distro where tomcat reside in

           LoadModule jserb_module        lib/apache/
           AddModule mod_jserv.c

           At the end of httpd.conf add the following

           <IfModule mod_jserv.c>
           APJServLogFile /var/log/httpd/mod_jserv.log
           Include /opt/tomcat/conf/tomcat.conf

           The tomcat.conf included in distro works well.

           Now you must try :

           http://myserver:8080/          Basic with tomcat as HTTP SERVER


           http://myserver/examples/           Apache + JServ -> TOMCAT

Hope It will help you

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