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Subject I need som help setting up Tomcat 3.1 Beta and Apache 1.3.12 ?
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 15:47:13 GMT

I have a hard time finding info on how to get Apache 1.3.12 and Tomcat 3.1
Beta to run classes from my own specified dir.
I can't find any documentation, all docs are for version 3.0 or older and
there seems to be some changes to 3.1 Beta.

Do I only need the or is there any other modules needed in
order to get apache to talk to Tomcat ?

What are the parameters for the jserv module and what do they mean ?

How do I setup my own application so tomcat uses all functions from my own
jar file located under /home/httpd/lib/my_functions.jar for instance.
The jar file is in the classpath, but I have not much luck, I'm quite new
to XML too.

A quick and dirty minimalistic conf files for this setup would allow me to
figure the rest out myself.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
Boxer TV Access AB
+46 (0)8 587 899 64
+46 (0)708 20 32 53

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