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From "John Lockwood" <>
Subject RE: The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 17:36:04 GMT
Vlad Shiligin wrote:

>> O,yes it is nice - no doubts.
>> Just a few drawbacks I can think of:
>> 1) Scalability broblem with virtual hosting

> Have the specific issues been identified and reported?

It's mentioned in the User's Guide.

>> 2) Lack of user-friendly documentation and tutorials
>See the "User's Guide" and "Application Developer's Guide" in the "doc"
>subdirectory of the current source code.  You'll find that many things are
>vastly better documented than before.

I agree with you there.  In fact, the User's Guide is so good it documents
the other problem:  "The need for improved virtual host support
Having each virtual host implemented by a different JVM is a huge
scalability problem. The next versions of Tomcat will make it possible to
support several virtual hosts within the same Tomcat JVM. "

Of course, he did say the "Next Versions"... ;-)

> Please submit a bug report to Bugzilla <>
> this and any other problems you want to report.  Specific test cases help
> resolve things much more quickly.  Proposed patches make you a hero in the
> eyes of Committers :-), and gets your name permanently enshrined in the
> records of who has contributed to Tomcat.

Well, much as I agree with you that this guy is over the top regarding the
docs (which in my opinion are quite good), it does seem to me that those of
us who respond to the question "What would you like in the next release"
with an honest answer ARE making a contribution.  Yes, you guys who are
working hard for free should get "permanently enshrined" and those of us who
are just using the thing are taking shameless advantage of your hard work,
and that kind of sucks, I suppose, if you're there working for free.

So the real problem for those of you working for free is to ask us what we
think and then make believe you care, and the real problem for those of us
taking advantage of you is to ask you politely for single-process virtual
host support while at the same time telling you what a fine outstanding
product you have, there, fella, and how much we really like you. ;-)



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