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From Stefán Freyr Stefánsson <>
Subject Web applications and stuff
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2000 16:32:12 GMT
Hello.  I'm new to Tomcat and all this so I'm not really sure if I'm in the
right place to ask my question... I just hope I am.

The thing is that I'm having trouble finding documentation about Tomcat
(surprise, surprise).  I'm trying to make a new web-application for my
project and it's not going too good.  I posted a message on the newsgroup but I haven't received anything from
there so I'm gonna try to send it to this mailin list instead... and hope it

Here's my post to


I'm trying to set up Apache + Tomcat on my Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation)
platform.  This is not going too good to say the least.

I've managed to get the two applications up and running (finally) and the
examples ("http://localhost/examples/servlets/"
and "http://localhost/examples/jsp/") work just fine.


I want to put up a project of my own which would then run
in "http://localhost/myproject/" (or something like that).  I've tried to
follow the
instructions in the "faq" file that came with Tomcat and that doesn't work
(I read somewhere that one of the two ways given in the "faq" file don't
work so I used the other one... the one that's supposed to work... well..
actually I used both ways).  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong here but it
whatever it is it must be something big!
One thing about that "faq" file.  It has a question about exactly what I
want to do ("Q: What is a web-application?  How can I install a new
web-application?")  but it just doesn't seem to work... it seems like
something more has to be done.  So I have a few questions that came into my

1) It says that I should use a <servlet> element in the web.xml file to
register a servlet.  Can someone tell me how that tag is constructed? I mean
what do all the "sub-tags" mean?  It also says that I should put the classes
in the "classes" folder which is stored in the "WEB-INF" folder.  What about
packages?  Do I need to construct my package structure within the "classes"
folder so if I'm
using "packagename.ClassName"  should I make a "packagename" folder inside
the "classes" folder and then put my "ClassName" class file in there?

2) What is a WAR file?  I'm seeing this thing all over the place and the
sample thing the "faq" file told me to put in the "server.xml" file (to make
my own web-application) looks like this:
  <Context path="/baseball" docBase="baseball"
defaultSessionTimeOut="30" isWARExpanded="true"       isWARValidated="false"
isInvokerEnabled="true"       isWorkDirPersistent="false"/>
OK!  That's it!  "isWARExpanded="true""???  What is that?  I'm guessing
since my context (which I'm again guessing is the same as a web- application
in a sense) is WAR expanded then I should probably have a WAR file to go
with it right?  Ok... then tell me how to make that WAR file!

Arrrghhh...  only problem with open source is that nobody feels like doing
the proper documentation for it!

If anyone can help me by pointing out some "real" step-by-step instructions
(that actually work) it would be very much appreciated. Or even if someone
who has had experience with this would be so kind as to let me contact
him/her with questions about this that would be awsome.

Kind regards from Iceland

UPDATE:  I just found some more docs that came with the Tomcat (html
format).  It explains something about what I was asking about (like WAR
files and such) but nothing that can really be of any use to me.  It doesn't
say HOW to make the war file, what it actually does and so on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you


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