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From Stefan Freyr Stefansson <>
Subject Can I somehow run a java process (application) within the Tomcat java process
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2000 21:20:14 GMT
Hi!  Man do I need a quick and positive answer to this one!!! :o/

The thing is I'm doing this surveillance system for servers (as in
client/server).  It uses CORBA to communicate with the server it's
monitoring and receives method invocations from it (things like
clientConnected(info), dataPackageSent(info) and so on).
We're trying to provide remote administration to it through JSP and we've
been developing the thing in each corner of the room (we're two who are
working on it).  I've been doing the JSP stuff and had pretty good success
with it and my partner has been doing the CORBA stuff and likewise been
pretty successful.
Tonight we tried to combine the two and wanted to see if we could remotely
stop our system from logging information down to the database... well.. it
didn't work.  It didn't take a long time for us figuring out that the reason
for this was that Tomcat was running on one java.exe process and the CORBA
service application (which is just a java app... a class with a main
function) was running on another.  This probably means (and I'm guessing
here) that they are being run on seperate virtual machines!?!??  Anyways...
that's no good for us since now, the UI part (my JSP) is using a whole
different set of class instances than his CORBA things.  Which, in return,
means that when I shut off "my" database connection... his is still fine and
dandy!!!  So we see one solution to the problem... have the same process
create two threads... one running tomcat and the other running the corba
server app.
Does anybody know if this is possible???

Please help, we're running out of time (this is a school project) and we
really need a solution to this problem...  And of course if anybody knows a
better way to solve this... hey I'm all ears!!!

Kind regards,

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