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From "Adam Le" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and Microsoft IE
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 01:31:43 GMT
My tomcat is installed at /var/local/jakarta-tomcat.
I have my test app at /home/tomcat/myapp.

I just get:
Location: /myapp/servlet/HelloWorld

for http://localhost:8080/myapp/servlet/HelloWorld

What's the proper method of creating a new context with servlets in another



PS: Do I need to have a ../webapp/myapp directory?

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From: []
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: Tomcat and Microsoft IE

Adam Le wrote:
> Yes, my server.xml file is correctly setup.  I can browse my jsp pages in
> that just fine... not the servlet tho :(

> >
> > I have a web app that I move to my /home/tomcat/myapp directory.  I made

Is /home/tomcat where you installed Tomcat? If so, maybe try putting
your application in /home/tomcat/webapps/myapp instead.

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