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From Andrew Bullene <>
Subject RE: Session Tracking by URL rewriting
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 19:37:56 GMT
  This doesn't need to be a Tomcat issue.  You can have session persistance
with URL rewriting by simply embedding the session id in the request, either
with a GET or a POST, and on each page on the site, just pass and accept the
session id as a parameter.  Then have logic that works off the session id.
The biggest problem with this solution however, is someone simply typing in
the url of the page instead of following the correct page path through your
site.  In that case, they will recieve whatever you default the page to
define, which is probably a redirect to the login page.

Andrew Bullene

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From: Heiko Seeberger
Sent: 4/10/00 8:57 AM
Subject: Session Tracking by URL rewriting


I wonder if it is possible do maintain sessions over serveral pages
enabling cookies.
Does Tomcat 3.1 support sessions by URL rewriting? If so, how?



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