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From "Chun, Byung (GEAE, Elano)" <>
Subject RE: conf files/Win32 install
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 15:34:08 GMT
  the include line that brings in tomcat.conf will bring in the configuration
Including the tomcat.conf file is in essence the same as a copy and paste of the
tomcat.conf contents into the end of httpd.conf.  Also, you might note that
when tomcat first starts up, it will always rewrite a new version of
If you add contexts to the tomcat configuration files, they will show up in this
"tomcat-apache.conf" file, for example, the appropriate alias and ApsJServMount
declarations. You could, alternately, include the tomcat-apache.conf file
instead of
the tomcat.conf file, or perhaps copy the contents of tomcat-apache.conf into
tomcat.conf to add any extra customization. You will also have to restart apache
*after* you restart tomcat if you want to use the contents of tomcat-apache.conf
and have them hold in apache.

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From: Tim Willis []
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 11:25 AM
To: tomcat-list
Subject: conf files/Win32 install

Thanks everyone for helping me find the module file I was looking for, now I am
still trying to get tomcat to communicate with apache... I have been following
the instructions below.....
       * Edit /path/to/apache-1.3.9/conf/httpd.conf and add the
         following line at the end:

           Include /path/to/tomcat3.0/etc/tomcat.conf

       * For Win32 users, comment out the line containing libexec/
         and uncomment out the line containing modules/ApacheModuleJServ.dll.

       * It is also important to note that because Tomcat has a
         standalone HTTP server built in, it must be run on a
         different port than Apache. 
My problem is, or rather, my question is, when I look at the apache httpd.conf
file, I cannot find 'libexec/' or 'modules/ApacheModuleJserv.dll.'
I find several other .dll files, all commented out incidentally, and no libexec
files.  I have already copied the file to the \modules folder for
What am I missing or doing incorrectly?
Thanks in advance for your help/advice... 

Tim Willis
IS Technician
Healthcare Solutions Group
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. <> 

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