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Subject RE: which is now the latest tomcat 3.1b1 release ?
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 11:39:34 GMT

Randall Parker wrote:
>From Sam Ruby's comment it sounds like a Release Candidate is just some
>kind of experimental test of the build process. I got to say that if a
>release candidate is just a build experiment naming it that way is
>contrary to what I'm accustomed to seeing elsewhere. Release Candidates
>are usually very close to final releases and considered to be advanced
>betas (and hence typically very stable).

I may have been a bit too loose with words...

I treat the term "release candidate" as an adjective, or modifier.

"v3.1" will clearly be a full release.

"v3.1_rc1" (if one is needed) would be built using the same sources and
build process as the full release, and would be built in anticipation of us
being very close to release.  In other words, if no problems were found and
no fixes were made, the binaries could simply be renamed and the release
would be done.

"v3.1_m1" was a "lesser" release.  Not intended for production, but for
developers to have something stable, and to give advanced users an
opportunity for early feedback.

"v3.1_m1_rc1" was a release candidate for a milestone release.

If people find this too confusing, I'll change the the way I use the terms
or place such builds in a separate directory.

- Sam Ruby

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