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From Viehl Clemens <>
Subject RE: Interceptor Init?
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 14:44:39 GMT
info about server.xml and web.xml are in the TOMCAT_HOME/conf  web.dtd and
server.dtd files.
To your question:
Negative values say: this servlet doesn't get load on startup.
Positive Values: Servlets with the lowest number are loaded first.
(Funny, i've just searched the same info an hour ago.)
Clemens Viehl

Just a quick question. I've created an initialization servlet to load db
parameters etc. for my application and associate them with the servlet
context. I'm also using a custom Security Interceptor that uses
usernames/passwords from my (parameters hardcoded for now) database.
Now for the question : Is it possible to initialize my Security Interceptor
using information from my initialization servlet? 
If so, how? If I place a <load-on-startup> tag in my applications web.xml
with a value of -2147483646 will it load before the Interceptor? Or are
there better ways to do this sort of thing?
Thanks for any help/suggestions you can give me.
Troy MacNeil
Software Designer

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